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Donna Cook

Donna Cook

Donna Cook
Perpetual Movement
Harrington Park / Sydney
New South Wales
02 4648 4200
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  • Emmett Professional Level 1
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  • Client Clinic Day (ECC4)
  • Tom Bowen Technique (TBT Part 1)
0425 345 617
Discover how quickly you can recover from pain and injury.

No matter what age or symptoms you have, treatment does not interfere with any other healthcare you are undertaking and you’ll know from the first treatment whether or not this is working for you.

In the last 20 years this technique has saved me from having an operation on my back, it is my life saver and it can help you too. My faith in this technique is unwavering. It’s my number one tool to help myself and others and it’s never let me down.

I encourage anyone in pain or discomfort to give a treatment a go to see what benefits you may have.


PO Box 564 Castletown
Townsville QLD 4812

Contact Details

Australia: (07) 4771 6234
International: +617 4771 6234

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