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Stephen Welsh

Stephen Welsh

Stephen Welsh
03 9754 7259
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0405 829 489
Stephen Welsh offers Emmett and Reiki in the outer Eastern Suburbs of Melbourne . Stephen was lucky enough to have first experienced Emmett in early 2016 through another Emmett student - Andrew Turnbull.
Since then he has thoroughly enjoyed completing the practitioner Modules with Tim Donehue and looks forward to completing enough EP modules over the next year or 3 to qualify as an EMM-Tech Tutor and EMM-Care Practitioner.
Stephen thinks the thing most appreciated by his Emmett clients is the immediate response and the extraordinary range of issues the Emmett Technique can alleviate.
Some of Stephen's clients combine the immediate response of an Emmett Treatment with a relaxing Reiki treatment to enhance their sense of wellbeing.


PO Box 564 Castletown
Townsville QLD 4812

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Australia: (07) 4771 6234
International: +617 4771 6234

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