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Positive Results

Clearing Double Vision!

One of my Emmett clients who lives at Yorkeys Knob as I do, text me over a year ago about a neighbour that had had a fall off a push bike. She wanted to know if there was anything I could do to help. I really had no idea if I could, but she only lived around the corner from me so I popped over for a quick look. The poor lady had been suffering double vision since the accident and just before I...

Paralysed face now moving!

25 year old ecstatic

A lovely girl of 25 came to visit me by word of mouth via a friend in Bundaberg. Madeleine has had trouble with a benign tumour in her jaw bone, which was removed and then returned with a vengeance. This time the Dr decided the complete right jaw bone was to be removed, and replaced with Madeleine's fibula from her left leg with skin grafts from her to used to 'patch up' her face. The right...

Free from years of pain

I haven't been able to turn like that since I was 11, That's amazing!

A quote I heard today from a client that comes to the clinic for maintenance treatments every month. When she first came, her lower back was so painful that standing up and sitting down on a chair or bed was excruciating and she was so scared to move without being careful. " I'm so excited Amanda. I am thinking of all the things I can do now that I was too scared to do before I started coming...

Freedom for the new born Bethany

Baby Bethany's release

A message left on voice mail of an Emmett Therapist.....'I needed some help with my newborn Bethany. She's sleeping favouring one side and getting a bit of a flat spot so I'd like to see if there's something inhibiting her from being comfortable in other positions. She's also only rolling one way (which I know can be perfectly normal but she's only been rolling one way for a month!).' After...

Grateful Grandma

I am a 67 year old grandmother and I just wanted to let you know why I decided to do the short course with Mel and Mandy. I was diagnosed with arthritis about 8 months ago, in my right hip, two knees and lower spine. I have been shown to have had Sherman's disease in lower spine which gives me pain and stiffness down the right leg. My lovely daughter gives me some money to have a nice...

Competing with no pain!

...thank you for working your magic with Emmett and Bowen techniques combined

A letter from a happy client- competing with no pain! Thanks to David Evans, Emmett Therapist Dear David, I am writing to thank you for working your magic with Emmett and Bowen techniques combined on my eleven year old daughter Emma. Emma had trained heavily with extra netball training the week prior to seeing you and also training for her chosen sports of trampoline and high diving. On...

Letting Emmett speak for itself

“Whatever you did, it worked! Thank you!”

Cassandra shares her experience of performing the Emmett Rescue Move For some years, Don has episodes in which he loses his life force – I cannot describe it any other way. He loses energy, goes pale and drawn, and feels utterly depleted. No diagnosis has thus far worked out why. Blood pressure, diet, working with toxins in making surfboards, attitude – my belief is that all these...

Moving On

Short and sweet and effective

Hi Colleen, I just thought I would let you know another "leg move" story. I think maybe I should just specialise in that :)) I visited my Mum on Thursday afternoon and she was saying that for the past week or so she had been getting shooting pains down her right leg which was kind of like electrical shock and it was painful and waking her at night. She was going to phone the chiropractor and...

5 Positive Results never fails to make me feel 100% better again.

Colleen has been treating me for chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia syndrome for the last five years. Colleen’s combination of Bowen Therapy and Emmett Technique has enabled me to live a pain free life and helped me regain enough energy to live a normal life again. Before I started my treatment with Colleen, I was unable to work, exercise, drive, or function normally due to the pain throughout...

Three Positive Results

The simple things in life again

Dear Andrew I have to thank you for helping me with my lower back pains.  I had suffered with these pains for a number of years and had tried so many different types of therapies, some with temporary success and others with minimal relief. Upon being recommended by a friend to view your website, I immediately dismissed the notion of visiting as I couldn't comprehend such a simple...


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