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My gratitude to Ross & Tony is a tad huge

My gratitude to Ross & Tony is a tad huge

Chris Price, UK

"I recently reviewed EMMETT For Dogs with Tony. (Very amazing man!!). Its a course that leaves you smiling inside, and gives you such an insight to the graciousness of dogs. Tony's passion is infectious, as is his laugh. The time and suppot he gives is constant, then to top that with his unique teaching skills, can it get any better??!!

It does, because what you begin to notice is a completeness in the bond between owners and their beautiful dogs. The moves we learn give a greater understanding of aches and pains they may have and verifies the total trust they place with us. The process is mind blowing and heart warming, an experience that becomes such a special memory.

I can say, hand on heart, doing this course has changed me, dogs have taught me the true meaning of trust and forgiveness.

My gratitude to Ross and Tony is a tad huge, Thank you so much!!!!!"

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