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Breathing easier, no pins & needles in hands, inproved neck rotation...

Benefits of EMM-Tech

Emmett continues to astonish me and shock my clients. I attend an MS Support Group meeting once a month, and went along today, and did Emmett as well as hand reflexology. One wheelchair bound lady was overwhelmed and cried when she could turn her head easily and the pins and needles stopped in her hands. I had a good go at the MND (Motor Neurone Disease) client last Friday and helped his...

Are you a serious runner or triathlete?

Pre or post workout relief...

Emmett Technique for ITB It is never too late to try a session of Emmett Technique if you are getting ready for a competition or recovering from an event. Emmett Technique can be used right before an event or even during an event. It is a simple and effective technique to restore balance and ease pain that works with the body and does not put it under stress.  The following is a...

EMMETT Technique Abroad….Ross is on the move…

Bringing together EMMETT therapists from all around the globe!

Ross is heading overseas and this international trip is particularly special due to a few things.... EMMETT Technique – International Conference – Austria – May 2016 EMM-Care – Singapore – May 2016 - Ross Emmett & Astrid Haase will be releasing the first EMM-Care course. (EMM-Care…Specialised for Disability & Special Care Needs) Ross...

Pain free back and shoulders

Once crying with pain, now smiling...

Dear Ross, I hope you're keeping well. I just thought I needed to drop you a line to share an experience I had the other day when treating a client. I had been asked by the clients sister to treat her as I normally treat the sisters horses (and that's another success story for another day). The client has been deaf since birth and has severe learning difficulties. She has great difficulties...

Relief for stiff neck

Regaining the small pleasures

I thoroughly enjoyed the weekend course in Melbourne learning module one and two. My reasons for doing this is that I am a Practice Nurse in a rural remote area and I have already had the opportunity to use your technique on a couple of occasions with clients in distress. My moment of significance though was when you treated me for my stiff neck. I had thyroid cancer 11 years ago. My...

Emmett 4 Horses - special and unique

Ross's technique...subtle and elegant

Hello, I'm Joshua Brohier, an Osteopath from Melbourne. In addition to applying Osteopathic techniques, I have been using Bowen methods for the last 20 years and Emmett technique since 2004.   From the very first modules I did with Ross I knew this was something very special and unique. I almost always turn up whenever he is in Melbourne; whether for a basic module or advanced protocols;...

Finding great posture after a lifetime without

Emmett provides ease with standing and walking

How to describe Emmett? Well, probably how not to describe it would be the way I introduced it to my mum. She has suffered with severe scoliosis for most of her life. It is so bad that it has changed how her internal organs sit in her body. I showed a chiropractor that I trust her x-rays once. He was amazed that she managed to have any children. Well, that finally explains the 7 miscarriages....

13 year old dog regains vigour & vitality

Our Harvey Bean walks easier

We consulted Sandra for our elderly Griffon dog Harvey Bean, who had recently suffered from a suspected stroke.  His gait was stiff and uneven and he regularly lost his balance and would fall over frequently.  The slightest thing would unbalance him.  I only wish we had have taken a video of him walking prior to his first visit with Sandra because without seeing the difference,...

Post Surgery Recovery

Leg swelling significantly reduced

So today I want to talk about post-surgery recovery using the Emmett technique. Recently I mentioned that a client of mine sustained a fracture to her hip and that we had managed to reduce her muscle spasms following the surgery using a few quick muscle releases. Once she got home and started using the leg a lot more she experienced quite a bit of swelling to her lower leg and upper thigh. I...

One Emmett changing result for Talia.

The Recovery/Rescue move in action...

Our Daughter Talia has Retts Syndrome.  We live on a cattle station near Augathella in Queensland, which is a bit over 900kms from the closest major city of Brisbane, where Talia's specialists are. Talia wears a second skin which is a compression garment to give her sensory feedback through her body. A few weeks ago, she was in her standing frame watching the wiggles. I looked over and...


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