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Emmett 4 Horses - special and unique

Emmett 4 Horses - special and unique

Ross's technique...subtle and elegant

Hello, I'm Joshua Brohier, an Osteopath from Melbourne. In addition to applying Osteopathic techniques, I have been using Bowen methods for the last 20 years and Emmett technique since 2004.


From the very first modules I did with Ross I knew this was something very special and unique. I almost always turn up whenever he is in Melbourne; whether for a basic module or advanced protocols; I'm a big fan of his work!


So when the Emmett 4 Horses modules became available I was keen to experience them. I figured that this is really how the guy developed his techniques - working with animals. And I have always had four legged creatures around me; also my patients often bring in their dogs if they are having difficulties.


I signed up for Module 1 of the Emmett 4 Horses course in Melbourne in March with Gary Wells and, as a therapist, had one of the most life-affirming weekends of my career!


I cannot overstate the quality of the learning experience - both the instructors and the horses are superb teachers! For all of us who are working to bring some finesse to our skill set, this is a must-do.


If you are already an Emmett practitioner this course should, I think, be compulsory learning. The insight I gained into the subtly and elegance of Ross's technique was breathtaking - the responses animals give is so pure and unfiltered that it was though I was seeing the technique anew. My enthusiasm and appreciation of what the technique is capable of, and how simple it can be to apply, was given quite a tonic.


But even if you have no background in any therapy but love animals, especially horses, the course given an insight and connection to our four-legged friends that is totally unique and completely joyous.


I have commended the Emmett 4 Horses learning to people who have no interest in being therapists but would like to experience the sensitivity and beauty of the human/animal interaction that this work reveals.


I know I'm waxing poetic here, but I cannot overstate the value of this learning - one of my best weekends ever and worth it for the sheer fun value!


All the very best,

Dr Joshua Brohier

B.Sc. B.App.Sc.


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