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Finding great posture after a lifetime without

Finding great posture after a lifetime without

Emmett provides ease with standing and walking

How to describe Emmett? Well, probably how not to describe it would be the way I introduced it to my mum. She has suffered with severe scoliosis for most of her life. It is so bad that it has changed how her internal organs sit in her body. I showed a chiropractor that I trust her x-rays once. He was amazed that she managed to have any children. Well, that finally explains the 7 miscarriages.

So a lifetime of drugs while living a life of hard physical labour, surgery to fuse 2 discs and threats from surgeons to remove some ribs to supposedly relieve some of the pain, Mum is pretty skeptical of yet more poking and prodding. I have managed to provide some relief with gentle massage using the most pure essential oils.   At times she would grow 3cms from one session! But she wasn’t holding the adjustment, despite obviously enjoying the treatment. So to describe Emmett without having experienced myself personally, the best description I could come up with was that it was kind of like physio… not a good choice considering they usually just cause more pain. Luckily she trusts me and Sandra so she agreed to the treatment.

The treatment LOOKED really subtle and non-invasive. The look on mum’s face as she could FEEL muscles release that had been tense for YEARS was just lighting up the room.

And then mum stood up…STRAIGHT! It is so amazing what we get used to and don’t question in our lives. I am so used to seeing mum hunched over, shuffling when she walks, thinking there is nothing to be done. WRONG. She is standing up straight and lifting her feet up, walking with ease and turning her head and moving her body with a range of movement I don’t even remember seeing.

There is a lot more work to. Decades of pain and muscles being tense constantly trying to protect the frame need more than one session. But this one session has yielded results beyond expectation. I can tell the pain has shifted by simply listening to mum talk. The clarity in her speech as she doesn’t have to communicate through a cloud of pain is literally audible.

I can’t wait to see what will happen as the sessions progress.


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