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Pain free back and shoulders

Pain free back and shoulders

Once crying with pain, now smiling...

Dear Ross,

I hope you're keeping well. I just thought I needed to drop you a line to share an experience I had the other day when treating a client.

I had been asked by the clients sister to treat her as I normally treat the sisters horses (and that's another success story for another day).

The client has been deaf since birth and has severe learning difficulties. She has great difficulties communicating as she can only use a limited form of sign language. She lives in a car home and the staff often tell her sister that the client cries with pain in her arms and back. They have tried other therapies, with very limited success.

The moment I started to treat the client I felt some amazing energy coming from her, and her face changed. Every now and again when I took my fingers off she made an odd noise and then smiled. The sister was sitting opposite so she could see the reaction in her sister. The sister had never seen the client concentrate for so long and she had definitely gone somewhere in her mind (the same way the horses react). The clients back unwound in front of our eyes. The sister took a long time to find out what the client was feeling as I treated her and she was told that the client could feel her muscles changing and getting warm.

When I finished the treatment she jumped up and gave me a big hug and said she had no pain.

I got a text the following day to say she was still pain free and her back and shoulders were better than they had been for years.

I want to thank you for sharing your technique with me and letting me help others in a way I had never imagined. One day I will tell you when the Emmett journey has done for me.

I hope to catch up with you next time you're in the UK.

Kind regards and thank you.

Tony Sherry



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