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Relief for stiff neck

Relief for stiff neck

Regaining the small pleasures

I thoroughly enjoyed the weekend course in Melbourne learning module one and two. My reasons for doing this is that I am a Practice Nurse in a rural remote area and I have already had the opportunity to use your technique on a couple of occasions with clients in distress.

My moment of significance though was when you treated me for my stiff neck.

I had thyroid cancer 11 years ago. My diagnosis was anaplastic thyroid cancer and my expected life span was weeks at the time of diagnosis. The surgical removal of the tumors on my thyroid, artery and major muscles in my neck and throat, plua intense radiation treatment left me with a head angled onto my left shoulder and significant problems with speech and difficulty swallowing but alive.

With the help of a range of therapists, numerous gastroscopes to dilate my throat, I have managed to bring my head back to an upright position, have a voice suitable for speech and remain in remission.

On the Sunday when you treated me you immediately gave me a greater amount of movement. What is significant though is that my voice is now stronger and this weekend I managed to sing. Singing was one of my greatest joys, but has been impossible since treatment. I have enjoyed eating and swallowing meat which has also not been possible. The nagging cough that keeps me awake at night is now only a slight niggle and the colour of my skin over the scarred tissue is almost normal.

Jennifer Dobson recommended the course to me. She was treating my rescue dog and in explaining the remarkable changes I could see, and after discussing my belief that we need to use alternative therapies more in the holistic approach to patient care, she demonstrated the movement to me. At the time she also gave me some freedom of movement, but she did not discuss the issue of memory. I still can easily take my head back to where it has become used to being positioned, and have to remember to continue that movement.

Jennifer is aware that I am contacting you. Can I once again thank you for the help you have given me. For some it may have only been a small change, for me it was huge and has made an incredible difference.

I hope to do the next modules soon.

Yours gratefully

Gemma White

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