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I'm studying the EMMETT Technique. It is an amazing and practical technique. The results can be very profound. I recommend this class to anyone looking for quick treatment/fixes with immediate results.

Cherie, Registered Nurse

I have been a Bowen practitioner for 15 years, love learning the EMMETT Technique. More tools in my toolbox to help people live well without aches and pain. Each class starts with a review of the previous class, and is very helpful.

Mary, Licensed Massage Therapist

EMMETT has helped my clients who can't lay on my massage table because of their back pain. I'm able to work on them sitting or standing, they love the results. Because I'm a massage therapist I'm able to combine EMMETT with my massage sessions as well with faster releases and a more comfortable experience. But most of my clients love EMMETT as a stand-alone treatment with faster pain reduction and lasting results.

Elizabeth Dimick, Licensed Massage Therapist

EMMETT helped my clients who couldn't be on the massage table. I can treat them on a chair, standing up, in a hospital bed, etc. And it is cool that they actually feel it and see the results quickly.

Mito Kodera

I am in Module 4 and EMMETT has helped clients faster and easier than any other therapy I've learned. I am and have been a Bowen practitioner since 2012 and EMMETT has just added a super charge to my practice.

Diane Gerig, Licensed Massage Therapist

I have been an LMT for over 25 years in the Seattle area. The EMMETT Technique has added tools to my repertoire. I have seen improvements in clients where other methods/techniques haven't been effective. Even clients recognise I am doing "something different" and ask about it and what I am doing. I am very pleased with the success this technique has given to my clients.

Judy Rybak, Licensed Massage Therapist

I'm so glad that I've been introduced to the EMMETT Technique. It is gentle, fast, profoundly effective, and ultimately respectful to clients/patients. The organisation of the curriculum makes the material very accessible, quickly usable and the instructors mirror the respect for students that they would like our clients to experience.

Carol K

"The EMM-Tech course presented by Amanda Mode was first class and I know that I would not be alone in voicing that opinion.

Amanda has a very unique passionate style of teaching, instructing and relaying information. Her passion is real and she is a very gifted healer."


I would like to share some standout feedback from recent a recent EMM-Tech course I held in Brisbane :

"Annette is clearly an experienced trainer. This course was delivered in a professional manner. Annette easily adapted the delivery to suit all learning levels. Thank you. Well done on having us all. You are clearly very enthusiastic about Emmett. I can't wait to try what I have learnt!"

"Great instructor - knowledgeable and passionate. Made us feel comfortable to practice and ask questions. Would definitely recommend the course and therapy to others."

'Thank you Annette. Your positive attitude and commitment really shone through today. Emmett Technique is amazing and you're a true ambassador. Thank you again."

"Annette was great. She pitched it perfectly to our needs as a group. She was very happy to help with extra demonstrations to confirm learning."

All of the above make me smile! I love sharing the Emmett Technique.

Annette Ball, EMM-Tech Tutor - Brisbane

Please pass on my thanks to Michelle and Sandra for an absolutely fantastic Emmett 3 course.

The teaching methods were so well tailored, planned and executed particularly for a visual learner like me enabling me to get to get 100% out of the weekend as well as boosting my confidence immeasurably!

Looking forward to Emmett 4!

Susan, Perth

I truly enjoyed the EMM-Tech workshop. It's given me awesome tools to add to my therapy.

EMM-Tech South Africa


I have been a qualified Veterinary Practitioner for 21 years and have wide experience in most aspects of Veterinary Medicine and Surgery, injury rehabilitation, equine and small animal biomechanics, function and therapy.

I commenced the EMMETT4Horses Practitioners program facilitated by Gary Wells, approximately 18 months ago, completing the 5th and final level in June this year and have from the outset combined these new skills into my day to day treatment with horses.

During this time, I have increased the utilisation of the Emmett technique to a point where I now administer these neuromuscular release adjustments at a ratio of approximately 80% of the treatment delivered.

I find that horses are generally far more receptive to the gentle, noninvasive approach, making the EMMETT Technique significantly more effective in resolving muscular issues.

In so far as learning the technique, I found the 2-day practitioner clinics to be efficient and effective and to represent significant value for money.

EMMETT 4 Horses with Gary Wells


I have been in General Practice for over 25 years with Fellowships in General Practice, Nutritional and Environmental Medicine, Diploma in Obstetrics and Member of the Australian Acupuncture Society and Society of Hypnosis. I am amazed daily in my own practice when I "Emmett" my patients. The human moves are so simple and effective to do and compliments my style of practice

Gary and his team are very effective teachers and all the courses and sessions I have attended have been professionally run. Gary Wells is an experienced therapist. His focus is to make the learning experience more relevant, practical and understandable.


This course was brilliant and surpassed all expectations. Rebecca is fantastic in all aspects of her presentation of course content and I so appreciated being part of today's course. Looking forward to continuing on.

EMM-Tech Feedback

Rebecca was fantastic with both verbal understanding and communication with techniques verbally and practically. She was patient and very good at listening to each and everyone, taking her time to completely understand and verify any questions. A great day overall with lots to take away with me.

EMM-Tech Feedback

Fantastic, a day well spent. So grateful to be in a small group. Definitely going ahead with learning modules in the future.

EMM-Tech Townsville with Rebecca Nelson


Enjoyed the day very much. Bec was a very precise and thorough instructor and made the learning experience fun.

EMM-Tech Townsville with Rebecca Nelson


Thank you Astrid for your clarity, experience and appreciation of the techniques presented. I appreciate that you have the patience for our learning process and took the time to ensure we understood the movements. Thank you Astrid! Hope to see you again!

Emmett 4 Animals- Dog Course

Astrid is an excellent instructor who knows her stuff.
I like her style of presentation and explanation.

We have show dogs and they also do agility work.


Emmett 4 Animals- Dog Course

The label 'Short Course' does this program a huge disservice in a way, because you learn an incredible amount in one sitting - this is no stingy 'we'll show you a few bits as a taster' affair.

You get some great releases that cover the key gripes that clients - and people in general, present with: stiff necks, poor balance, knee pain, inflammation, restricted arm movements and many more.

So the course content packs a massive punch and the techniques are very well chosen. Crucially, I left wanting to know more!


EMM Tech Short Course

My 14 year old dog had a bad roaching issue. He is now levelled out and has a new lease on life. Even vets can't believe how old he is. He is like a puppy again. His legs are stronger, he is climbing stairs again where a year ago vets were telling me he shouldn't climb stairs anymore.

Passionate dog lover

Emmett 4 Animals- Dogs

Some feedback we received at head office - "Thank you Pedro and the EMMETT Technique"

"I really enjoyed the short course and Pedro is a great tutor! The techniques REALLY worked...I'm excited!
Student of March EMM-Tech course - Moongala

EMM-Tech Short Course
EMM-Tech Tutor - Pedro Marsh

"Very informative...Enjoyed learning new modalities that I can use to assist my patients hips to toes. Thank you". (Podiatrist)
EMM-Tech Short Course - March 2016 with Tutor: Mel Jordan

Student Feedback
EMM-Tech Short Course | March 2016 - Tutor- Mel Jordan

My Mum is 92 and hasn't been able to feel her feet for years. Mum's hand tremors were making it difficult to feed herself, she has lower back/kidney pain, lack of appetite and poor balance. There was nothing more that conventional medicine could do to improve Mum's quality of life. I told her about Emmett technique and Mum decided to give it a try.

After one treatment Mum had improved so much that she wants to go to regular sessions just for fun, hoping that if she continues to improve she will soon feel 21 again.

The best thing I can observe is the significant reduction in her hand tremors. My mother has Parkinson’s. She is still a bit shaky but is back doing cross words again and able to put her signature to documents and birthday cards. It is no longer dangerous for her to hold a boiling kettle to make herself a cup of tea and she can feed herself without becoming frustrated.

Perhaps the reduced tremors and increased feeling in her feet have combined as now Mum walks much better. She used to use her walking stick all of the time and run her hand along the wall at home to keep her balance. She still takes her walking stick out with her but she walk taller and her balance and confidence are much better.

The significant reduction in lower back pain is her number one win. The pain is weaker so she is sleeping better, has stopped taking laxatives and pain killers and her digestion and health have improved.

The immediately noticeable thing is that Mum gets really hungry after a treatment. Mum can't taste food much now and she really has to force herself to eat, except when she has been for a treatment. We have started to plan where to go for lunch after a treatment as Mum is starving and can't wait to call in to a restaurant for a decent meal.

Mum had tried various alternative therapies, as well as potions and tonics to make her feel better. She is sold on the Emmett technique.

Western Australia

I approached Rusty from Emmett Technique Cairns, because I had been suffering from tennis elbow, neck, shoulder, back, hip and leg problems for years. I am a butcher by trade and at 64 years old I thought that perhaps these problems were part and parcel of getting older and working a physical job. I had been suffering for years and had tried countless types of therapies, all of which gave temporary relief but before long, the debilitating pain would return. I was speaking with my daughter, who is based in Spain, one weekend; she suggested that I contact Rusty to see if she could help me. One of her friends had recommended Rusty’s treatment as gentle and effective, her intact daughter had been treated with incredible results.

Rusty from Emmett Technique Cairns helped me by using the gentle yet effective techniques to treat the myriad of physical pain I had been dealing with on a daily basis. As an addition, during my first consultation, Rusty recognised problems with my breathing. She diagnosed and treated the problem as related to chest and other physical problems and with treatment I have not suffered breathing difficulties since. Physically, I feel so much better; I honestly didn’t realise that it was possible to be pain free, at my age, after so many years of extreme, pain throughout my whole body.

I would recommend The Emmett Technique to people who need treatment for any type of pain relief. Even if you think you have tried it all, if you haven’t tried Emmett Therapy, please do, it’s in your body’s best interest!

Peter Mauloni
Cairns, QLD

Peter Mauloni

EMMETT Technique freed up my neck!

I have suffered with pain in the left side of my neck going down into my shoulder for years. Having had all sorts of treatments over a long period I didn’t have much hope of the treatment being successful, especially as the physic I saw told me it was age-related arthritis and nothing could be done. After just one treatment my pain disappeared completely. I can now fully turn my head from side to side with no pain. I was also treated for face pain and pain behind the eye. The improvement is amazing!

Leicestershire, UK

I released my own heel pain with the EMMETT technique!

I had had bilateral achilles tendonopathy (achilles/heel pain) for 3 years before I came across EMMETT and the cure to this painful, tedious condition. I have seen Doctors, consultants, physiotherapists for this condition over the years and nothing had helped. Not even resting, as the condition returned as soon as I resumed my normal role as a fitness instructor. With EMMETT my feet/legs had a strong release as all the tension just drained away. The procedure, self administered for several weeks, gave me marked improvement in pain and movement. With regular maintenance I am now pain free.

Wendy Hamilton
Body Control Pilates Instructor and Personal Trainer

Wendy Hamilton

EMMETT Technique helps me to walk with confidence!

I have benefited from Emmett Therapy since April and have found that in this relatively short time, my problems have become easier to live with. Having been diagnosed with Parkinsons, I was finding balance a real issue and walking about unsteady. With this help every five weeks, I feel so much better in myself. My core stability has been restored and I can walk around with much more confidence. The pain I had experienced over a long period of time in my arm has also significantly reduced.

In my opinion, I do not believe that tablets alone would have had this effect. I think my general feeling of wee-being is due in no small measure to my Emmett treatments. It is not easy to put into words the benefits I have experienced, but I believe I now have a better means to cope with my condition, thanks to the energy and feeling of wellbeing that this treatment promotes. It is great to find something that has a good effect from the outset without quickly wearing off. If you feel better in yourself you can find the determination to face what life throws at you.

Julia TM
Devon, UK

Julia TM

EMMETT Technique releases my lifelong shoulder pain and restriction!

I’m a 46-year-old woman and I have suffered with back problems as long as I can remember. I have had lower back pain and a slight scoliosis. I had round shoulders with very limited movement in my upper spine my shoulders were so tight. I felt trapped in my own body. I have had endless treatments and therapies to alleviate pain and to help loosen the tight muscles over the years. Massage, Alexander technique, Shiatsu, reflexology, osteopaths, physiotherapists, chiropractors, and MRI scans and even back rehab. Nothing gave me the release I longed for.

Until now….with one astonishing Emmett Technique session.

I had heard some amazing stories and felt quite skeptical but decided to experience it for myself anyway. Words cannot truly describe how I felt. What I didn’t expect was a complete change in my body physically to look at as well as the freedom in my muscles to move in a way I had never been able to move before. I had a complete emotional and physical letting go. I had never experienced anything like it. My shoulders are visibly different, they are relaxed and not rounded forward as before - this happened instantaneously. When I left I felt like a different woman, I walked with my head held high with a straight spine, it makes ones outlook on life so different. I was more grounded, balanced and strong in my body. I know it sounds corny but I felt I could take on the world. The freedom in my shoulders is so incredible I went home and shouted from the roof-tops to family and friends who thought I had gone crazy. It was one of the most incredible things I have ever experienced.

Beverly Dunn Clark
Surrey, UK

Beverly Dunn Clark

EMMETT Technique resolved my sciatic pain when nothing else did!

I have suffered with a tight right buttock muscle for several years, which gets worse during long car journeys and develops into sciatic pain that can last several days. In the last 6 months I have noticed when riding my dressage horse that I am unable to correctly use my right leg without increasing the buttock pain and the right hip feels very weak when I get off. I have had a range of treatment for this but with very limited results. Last weekend I attended Modules 1&2 of the Emmett practitioner training. I volunteered to be the demo body for the Emmett points for “tight buttock muscles”. While the Emmett points were rather tender I felt an immediate release. The drive home that evening caused no sciatic pain. The drive to the second day did cause the muscles to tighten but still no sciatic pain. The instructor repeated those points on me and now 8 days later I have had no buttock tightness and no sciatic pain. I have also found I can ride my horse in a more correct body position. To get rid of my “pain in the bum” was alone worth coming on this course.

Tracy Morgan
McTimoney Chiropractor

Tracy Morgan

EMMETT Technique got me running the London Marathon!

I started training for the London Marathon in mid November 2010. Having been experiencing some hip pain, I went to the Doctors to get the all clear and x-rays confirming nothing was amiss. My training was going really well until the Kingston Breakfast run 3 weeks before the marathon. I ran 17.5 miles that day and ended up with terrible pinching in my right hip. I could barely walk for days. The Doctor referred me to a sports physician privately and from there on for aggressive physic on my psoas. 2 weeks prior to the marathon I still had severe back pain, to the point that I could not sleep and could barely move. I was in agony.

Luckily, a friend referred me to an Emmett Practitioner a week and a half before I was due to run the marathon. The results were instantaneous. I got most of my mobility back and the pain subsided enormously. A second treatment 4 days before the marathon gave again immediate rests - I was completely pain free and I had full mobility back. After a test run of 3 miles I realised that I would actually be able to give the marathon a shot! The miracle is not just how effective this treatment is but also that it could endure someone running 26 miles! The day itself was an emotional experience - it was truly incredible, but it brings tears to my eyes typing this due to the wonderment of this therapy and I feel so incredibly lucky and grateful to have found this amazing treatment. I still can’t believe how something that is so subtle and non-invasive can have such incredible results.

Surrey, UK


Hi Ross,

Just wanted to thank you again for sharing module 1 & 2 in Sydney last weekend.

Back in practice Monday, first client a massage therapist was impressed enough to book into Brisbane for next module 1. I had an amazing day, used on about 10 clients, phenomenal results and must say so surprising in some instances.

I have booked in for Module 3 in Sydney and very excited.

Thank you again so much for sharing this fabulous work.

Jannelle Rethus
Port Macquarie, NSW

Jannelle Rethus

Colleen has been treating me for chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia syndrome for the last five years. Colleen’s combination of natural therapies and EMMETT Technique has enabled me to live a pain free life and helped me regain enough energy to live a normal life again.

Before I started my treatment with Colleen, I was unable to work, exercise, drive, or function normally due to the pain throughout my body and lack of energy. By receiving Colleen’s treatments on a regular basis, my health improved to a degree where I was able to start work again, learn to drive, finish my university degree and have enough energy to exercise and live a normal life.

I honestly believe that without Colleen’s help I would not have been able to achieve this. Not only did Colleen’s treatments help me, but her friendship and genuine care about my health really helped me to get back on the road to recovery.

I now see Colleen whenever I feel a treatment is necessary and it never fails to make me feel 100% better again.

Elizabeth Shillito

Elizabeth Shillito

OMG, I am feeling amazing. This morning I woke up and my whole upper body felt cramped up, I had a new technique workshop today so I chose not to take pain killers but to see if this could help. I am amazed at the start of this morning I could not move my arm above shoulder height without terrible pain. After three moves I was able to move my arm to between shoulder and head, another three and I was pain free. The technique is called “The EMMETT Technique.”

EMM-Tech Course
Perth, WA


“Thank you, I started on my family as soon as I got home.” My eldest said “wow Mummy did you lean how to do magic today?”…..and I said “Yes!”

EMM-Tech Course
Perth, WA


“Thanks Sandra Junckerstorff and Michelle.” Had a great day, and my back feels amazing today.”

Perth, WA


“Thank you so much for such a great day. I really enjoyed it. You both presented it so well. I was straight home and practiced on my partner!”

EMM-Tech Course
Perth, WA


“Very well presented course. Learning was made easy and access to instructors was excellent. Being an ‘animal’ person I was a little concerned at doing the human side of the course, but I really enjoyed it.”

EMM-Tech Course
Perth, WA


“Really enjoyed the course yesterday. Great job.”

EMM-Tech Course
Perth, WA


“Sandra is very good speaker/teacher and is very happy to be at the front of the class and is confident in what she is teaching. It was a great mix of people in the group and I think everyone got what they went for plus so much more!”

EMM-Tech Course
Perth, WA


In the past month I have had 3 Emmett is a new experience and has been very helpful.

Through gentle manipulation of a series of pressure points, the EMMETT Technique has afforded me, an increase range of movement and a degree of pain relief, without any unwanted side effects.

I have recommended the treatment to a medically trained sceptic and a nursing colleague both of whom have been impressed with the beneficial results.

As a potentially remedial technique with significant benefits and negligible risk I have little hesitation in recommending it to members of the public.

I’m not sure how or why it works but as a Registered Nurse and a Pilates Instructor I plan to find out!

Mrs Heather Clapham
Kewarra Beach, QLD

Mrs Heather Clapham

My name is Talia and I have learnt the EMMETT Technique for Horse. I am in the process of learning the people version so that I can treat horses and their riders in the sporting arena.

In July I had an accent at work and a horse bowled me over and I snapped my cruciate ligament in my knee. As a result I had to have surgery and they harvested tissue from my hamstring to create a new tendon and I am now in the long process of rehabilitation.

While attending the level three course, everyone could see I had limited range when it came to squatting. Colleen, our instructor wanted to see if she could help with this. On the first try I managed to squat about 20cm and it was obvious this was an effort. Cathy performed the “Sartorius/ITB Release” move
and asked me to squat again. There was a slight improvement. We broke into pairs. My partner Jocelyn repeated the move that Colleen had performed on me. I started to squat and suddenly my bottom hit the floor. I looked up shocked and saw all my colleagues with their mouths open and looked at Colleen’s face for reassurance not knowing for sure if this was a good thing or if I was in trouble. My first thought was 'I hope I haven’t snapped my knee again.’ I needed help to stand back up and was very confused until Cathy smiled and everyone clapped.

My rehab has been going a lot better since then and my physic is amazed at how I am coming along.

Can’t wait for the next weekend course to learn some more moves.

Thanks Ross and Cathy and to my good friend Garry Wells who introduced me to the wonders of EMMETT Therapy.

QLD, Australia


Emmett Technique for Repetitive Strain Injury

Judith Johnson is an excellent Emmett practitioner and is passionate about helping others. She worked on my hands and thumbs as I was having problems from RSI-like symptoms from massage. After one session the pain eased considerably and over the next couple of days disappeared altogether.

I would highly recommend Judith if you are in any discomfort or pain.

Swansea, Llandeilo, Wales


I am a physiotherapist working in a busy private practice in Cairns, North Queensland. I have been using the Emmett Technique since 2003. I have found it a fast, effective and lasting way to release tight muscles. Patients are often amazed at how a gentle technique can make such a difference to their pain or dysfunction.

I recommend it to any other physiotherapist but it is simple enough for other therapists to use and give relief for many conditions.

Helen Cooper
Cairns, QLD

Helen Cooper

I trained in London as an osteopath and now practice in the Central Coast and Hunter region. I trained in Bowen and acupuncture as well as doing specialised courses in osteopathy eg. Cranial, gynaecology, visceral work, MRI and CT interpretations and others.

One of the approached that I often use, are those taught by Ross Emmett. To illustrate the value of those courses, a real case scenario follows;

A patient (female in her early 40's) presented with considerable neck and shoulder tension...In the first session, direct work to her neck and shoulders, and upper body made almost no difference. During the second session....I carried out the Emmett adductor move. The effects were immediate (she looked like she died and gone to heaven!). Her neck released itself with almost no direct treatment.

I'm not aware of any approach that, in this case, would have given such a profound result.

Chris Porter
Registered Osteopath
Newcastle, NSW

Chris Porter

I am an Occupational Therapist with 23 years experience working in Rehabilitation and with children.

The Emmett Technique enables me to gain changes in range of movement, pain, posture, circulation, respiration, digestion, strength and movement fluency. It is a gentle technique that fosters a positive therapeutic experience for the client....In a time when many therapists are turning to a consultative mode of practice I am happy to be delivering a service that improves function and quality of life.

Jenni Day
Occupational Therapist,

Jenni Day

The Emmett Technique is unique in its ability to combine with other therapies. Often immediate results are seen and felt during the first visit, much to the amazement of the client. This point release therapy can be performed on newborns to the elderly, and during therapy now always consists of the Emmett Technique. The gratitude and amazement I continue to receive from my clientele, empowers me to continue my studies with Ross in an effort to produce even better results.

Debbie Keighran
Therapist to the North QLD Cowboys, Rugby League Team,
Remedial Massage Therapist
Townsville, QLD

Debbie Keighran

I am a deep tissue massage therapist and am also qualified in other forms of massage, Reflexology and Reiki. I came across the Emmett Technique quite by accident. I was looking for an alternative treatment for my prolonged neck problem, as the usual treatments (various forms of massages, chiropractic, acupuncture) had no effect. It was while I was at one of these alternative appointments, the therapist used an Emmett move that had an immediate effect and had worked where all else had failed. I was so impressed, I signed up for the start of the next course.

Lesley Wootten
Deep Tissue Massage Therapist and Emmett Technique Practitioner, UK

Lesley Wootten

I came to know the Emmett Technique almost by accident as an EMM-Tech had been organised by my Body Control Pilates teacher. I had not researched it (unlike me) and on the day was ‘blown away’. When I looked up about the courses I found that Ross was still in the UK, I immediately signed up for Modules 1&2. I was not disappointed is an understatement!

As a Chronic Pain Management Specialist Doctor I perform many, many injections, including acupuncture. Since learning Emmett I am using it with as many patients as I can, some with some acupuncture as well but several, at the moment with only Emmett, particularly with shoulder problems. The increased range of movement and the pain relief they achieve is amazing.

I am so looking forward to the other modules.

Dr Liz Garthwaite
Specialist in Chronic Pain Management and Emmett Technique Practitioner, UK

Dr Liz Garthwaite

The Emmett Technique is the most valuable ‘tool’ in my ‘tool box’!

It works perfectly with my Pilates practice and I have been able to treat many of my clients with outstanding success. From stiff necks, painful shoulders, tight hamstrings and poor balance - the list is endless, the treatment quick and painless and the results amazing.

It is very rewarding to be able to offer such a service ‘on the spot’ and demonstrate how one can use the ‘moves on oneself’ as I do frequently! I am very much looking forward to completing my training.

Brigitte Tetlow
Body Control Pilates Instructor and Emmett Technique student, UK

Brigitte Tetlow

I’m still blown away with what I learnt at the EMM-Tech course (July 2012). This stuff is incredible.

I’m implementing it into my own movement and correction assessment with mind boggling results. I am finding that I am replacing my normal practice of foam rolling and png stretches with Emmett moves. It’s because I’m getting lighting results which enables me to progress quickly with positive body movement exercise.

I am getting a lot of hands on practice with my personal training clients and leaving them happy but confused. Comments like “that’s not supposed to happen so easily” or “it’s a mind trick” and “how the hell do you explain that” are comments received. I have tried the calf release and the foot balance technique with amazing feedback. And results. My clients are going crazy about it.

This simple but effective system will be a fantastic tool to my training and business.

I want to learn more. I can’t wait.

Chris Burford
Personal Trainer and Emmett Technique Practitioner,

Chris Burford

I have been using the Emmett Technique for 2 years now in my practice as a body therapist. I love the simplicity and practicality of it. It is so accessible and can be used to help people with many different issues. There is so much we can do quickly and effectively to help ease pain and ill health, and the Emmett Technique has become a key skill which I use every day.

My clients now come requesting Emmett specifically as the message is spreading fast at how effective it is.

Cathy Vivian
Bowen Therapist and Emmett Technique Practitioner, UK

Cathy Vivian

I see a lady for personal training who has fibromyalgia and is in pain most of the time. Since I have introduced Emmett to her she can now have a pain free afternoon and evening. Most of her issues are in the upper body and so we have concentrated on shoulder, neck and arm moved with psoas to balance. The pain relief can often be instant, in some cases the discomfort is radically reduced. It introduces a better quality of life and enables her to enjoy her activities more. As we work more the moves have more effect and her confidence (and smile) grows.

I also work with an elderly gentleman who has ataxia which affects his gait and balance. This greatly impacts his day to day activity and reduces his confidence to get around primarily for fear of falling. I have introduced Emmett foot balance, calf release and psoas to him. The results regarding balance have been amazing. He has gone from a wobble to standing on one leg! Imagine what that has done to his confidence. Admittedly he needs regular work and we do personal training together but we are both impressed with the results. He calls me his “witch” and in this context I really don’t mind.

Wendy Hamilton
Body Control Pilates Instructor, Personal Trainer and Emmett Technique Practitioner, UK

Wendy Hamilton

One of my patients had a persistent pain in the side of his leg that had resisted several attempts at treatment over a number of months - including painful deep tissue work along the illotibial band. I tried the Emmett ITB move on him once and he reported an immediate change. The pain went away and has not returned.

David Hallam
McTimoney Chiropractor and Emmett Technique Practitioner, UK

David Hallam

The use of Emmett Therapy has hugely enhanced the outcome of my treatments of clients with MS, stroke and Parkinsons disease - particularly in the area of balance and core stability.

I have recently been invited to be the physiotherapist for Tenbury Wells Amateur boxing club; Emmett Therapy allows me to treat the boxers in a gym environment without special equipment, plinths etc. Minor injuries can be resolved straight away without a need for a break in training.

I have also treated my son who has experienced painful leg muscles for years as a result of toe walking. He no longer has pain and is able to play rugby and football with less risk of injury.

Liz Boland
Physiotherapist and Emmett Technique Practitioner, UK

Liz Boland

Ross Emmett’s Technique is the quickest most effective treatment out there.

By incorporating it into my existing disciplines clients invariably have a positive change to their pain or discomfort within the first session, which quite often is all that is needed.

Learning with Ross and his team has improved my assessment skills, showing the great importance of words in treatments and providing me with a system of working using precision, purpose and meaning to bring about the fastest outcome for my clients.

The Emmett Technique is also a fabulous stand alone quick fix treatment that I use regularly in gyms to increase peoples range of movement or rid them of that training niggle.

Darren Woodall
Massage and Bowen Therapist and Emmett Technique Practitioner, UK

Darren Woodall

The Emmett Technique is a valuable part of my everyday practice in treating patients. The general feedback I get from those who have experienced the technique is they feel they maintain a sense of well being for a longer period of time and some folks have been amazed by the deep effective changes that can be achieved from a relatively subtle application. In essence, they don’t require so many treatments and contrary to some beliefs, this is ‘good for business’.

Thank you Ross for sharing your skills!!

Heather Lamacraft
McTimoney Chiropractor, Homeopath, NST Bowen Therapist and Emmett Technique Practitioner, UK

Heather Lamacraft

I have been a massage therapist for 12 years. Integrating the Emmett Technique using Ross’ theory, application methods with massage, has created for me a treatment that transcends anything else I have ever done.

What amazing results!

Both fit each other like a hand to a glove feeling completely natural and effortless. Muscles at full length and fully relaxed using massage can now be re-charged by using the most gentle of pressure.

The Emmett Technique has changed the way I think, feel and touch. The response and results from my clients are truly amazing and of all the treatments I use, the Emmett Technique excites me the most.

Ben Pianese
Sports Massage Therapist and Emmett Technique Practitioner, UK

Ben Pianese

Colleen's empathy and skills make her so suited to this 'work', and we clients who live in Ipswich are going to miss her very much.

Colleen is a very caring person, and I feel we part as friends.

I wish her every good luck in the future.

Lola Willis
QLD, Australia

Lola Willis

I went to Colleen 6 years ago for chronic back, neck and leg/feet problems. The benefits were immediately apparent. After only a couple of treatments my back and neck were pain free and I regained flexibility and freedom of movement in all areas. I chose to see Colleen once a month as a maintenance and preventative measure and highly recommend her and her treatments.

The Gap, QLD

R.B. - The Gap

My first contact with Colleen and her healing skills was about 2 years ago. I had a chronic back problem and I started experiencing very acute spasms in my lower back. The pain was unbelievable; I could hardly move, let alone walk. A friend contacted Colleen, who came to my house as I couldn't drive. She quickly determined that I would need Emmett therapy which focuses on the muscle groups. Colleen proceeded to gently touch specific areas of my lower back, while I was still standing, and miraculously (I thought it was miraculous anyway), within 10 minutes, the pain disappeared and I was able to move freely again. I was so relieved.

Colleen suggested I would need a few more treatments and then, perhaps, successive monthly treatments for maintenance, wich I did for a while. But, as happens in our buy lives, I stopped. The spasms occurred again 9 months later. But this time I learnt my lesson. I now have monthly maintenance and my back has never felt stronger.

Colleen is thorough in her knowledge of the body and its movements. She is gentle and extremely professional and I feel that Emmett therapy will be an important part of my life.

Thank you Colleen for relieving me of such horrible pain.

The Gap, QLD

Suzanne, The Gap

Hi Ross,

After extensive personal development and business development work I have been searching for something. I honestly now think that I have found it in Emmett. I stumbled onto the EMM-Tech course after my husband Mark Reid signed us up to it. I had no idea what to expect but after the very profound change I experienced with my own tightnesses and issues I was quickly blown away.

Mark and I are performance coaches and operate out of a gym. I had started to add EMM-Tech moves in between sets with my clients and very quickly started to notice the improvement in stability and strength.

Now after completing modules 1 & 2, and figuring out that my greater purpose in life is 'to restore balance' I have become equipped with a tool to provide that exact thing to my clients while building strong in their own bodies. I believe the Emmett moves go hand in hand with what I do and I think it is the gap that the fitness industry is looking for but has not yet found. As of yet (I have only been doing it 2 weeks) I have not been presented with a problem from a client that I can't fix and as such this assists them in becoming stronger, more stable and ultimately, balanced.

Thank you Ross for persisting with what you knew helped people and 30 years later everyone else is catching up with you!

Very grateful, thank you.

Yours in Health & Fitness,
Sam Billington
Spark for Life Personal Training
Perth, WA

Samantha Billington

I recently had a knee operation. Following the operation, my knee was very painful and swollen and the movement in my knee was restricted. I tried some physiotherapy without any improvement to my knee.

A friend recommended I see Rusty Boterhoek of Emmett Technique Cairns to get some relief. I did this and to my great surprise Rusty restored the mobility and relieved the pain in my knee after only one visit. I have continued to consult Rusty who has assisted greatly in the rehabilitation and recover of my knee.

I have no hesitation in recommending Rusty.

Yours faithfully,
Vince Bailey
Vince Bailey Lawyer
Cairns, QLD

Vince Bailey
Vince Bailey Lawyer | Principal

EMMETT Technique put my ankle right!

My left ankle becomes weak and painful very easily. I have seen physios and a podiatric surgeon and followed their advice. The best answer has been to rest it. The last time, I waited 8 weeks for it to heal but then attended a Pilates class where I was lifting my weight onto my toes, and the next day my ankle was bad again. My Pilates teacher treated me with the Emmett technique the following week. I then built up my distances for walking with occasional twinges and 3 weeks later I was absolutely better and walking up to 7 miles.

Ann Hutt,
Surrey, UK

Ann Hutt

I am a very active 50+ woman who loves to keep fit. I regularly work out at the gym, cycle a bit & live for golf. I play at a representative level, so it’s very important for me to be able to swing freely.

I went to see Rusty first off because I had tight neck & shoulders. I had not heard of the Emmett Technique beforehand but she assured me that she could fix me. I have since learned that she can fix anything.

I met Rusty when she bought her family to the restaurant where I work. I had met her quite a few years back when I worked with her husband, but had lost touch. I was really keen to fill in the gaps of the years that had gone by.

Rusty told me about Emmett & I booked an appointment with her (on a Sunday would you believe) for the following day.

My visit to her had amazing results. My neck moved easier, my shoulders went down away from my ears. Everything felt lighter & freer. It even felt like the fog had been lifted from my brain.

I visit Rusty about once every 2-3 weeks for a tune up & always come away with the feeling of walking taller & freer.

I have introduced many of my friends to Rusty & each one has had similar results & also recommend their friends to visit.

Thank-you Rusty, you are a treasure.

Marion Wright
North QLD

Marion Wright

It's always very difficult to 'describe' to someone what the Emmett treatment is. We can try and explain that we work with sensory points on the body as opposed to anatomical points - and no, it's not trigger therapy, no, it's not meridian points etc etc. - BUT it may be described as a combination of all these wonderful therapies!! Ross with his wonderful intuition has created an 'evolvement' of it all and packaged it into the Emmett Technique.

Time and time again - clients come back to me and say - 'just do some more of that magic'. And that indeed is what this therapy is. Magic.

A lady referred to me by a GP with lots of issues came for treatment. She got sorted - then arrived back one day in desperation as the GP had found a 'polyp' within her uterus which was causing huge haemorrhaging. Her surgery was scheduled for the following week. I did Ross's work - working specifically around sacral and pelvic area. Her bleeding stopped, the polyp disappeared and the surgery was cancelled. Magic.

A 12 year old girl came up fro the Gold Coast. She had gone blind in her right eye. Her mother had taken her to all the specialists prior to seeing me - all the nasties had been eliminated and now this Mum and her girl were in a state of despair as her school work/life in general, was now deteriouating with lack of sight in that eye. Using Ross's technique, I found huge congestion around her shoulders and enquired if she was a swimmer - and if so - does she do 'butterfly' stroke. Yes to both queries. Working wtih just modules 1-5, the muscles around her shoulders, neck and jaw released. She exclaimed as the jaw/sternum released 'Mum!!! I can see!!!'.

More magic.

A Bushman who works solely with horses came one day on directions from his other half - as he appeared to be in constant pain. He was a man of very few words and did not want to talk about his ailments at all. Using Ross's technique initially of shaking his hand as he entered the clinic - it was evident his back//shoulders were in a bad state. He would only communicate with me regarding his horses - his passion. Entering into his favourite subject - I enquired as to how his horses were riding. 'The mare isn't doing any good - always pulling to the left' (mental note to self - mare pulling to left). And how is the big gelding doing? - 'Oh - I need 2 blocks to get onto him now - (mental note to self - 2 blocks to get onto gelding). I worked Ross's stuff on him and he came back next week. No. He 'respected this treatment too much to get back onto his horses' he said and watned another session before he tried again - he siad with a twinkle in his eye. He came back the following week. How are things? He looked with that same twinkly and a smile - 'that mare rides like a dream now' he said. 'Great!! And the gelding??' - 'don't need those blocks anymore' he said with a big smile!!!...

More magic!!!

And there are many more Ross.

EMMETT Therapist
Brisbane, QLD

Heather Roylance

Sjorgens Disease (auto immune disorder).

It's been such a huge journey working with health issues - and I find often when people get a 'label' describing their condition - it's like having a reason to be unwell. I'm not being cruel - but there always seems to be some emotional 'blocks' behind the dis'ease. I'm certainly not taking away any of the importance of being able to identify symptoms - and these 'labels' help to identify the symptoms which are occurring in that person.

With this in mind, a lady who had been diagnosed with Sjorgens Disease came to see me. She said she wanted me to make her cry. Her eyes and moth were constantly dry and her system was so worn out - that her life was such a struggle.

I had spoken to Ross prior to this - and after the first treatment - this lady was swallowing - without needing water to quench her throat. And on rising from the table - she wiped water from her eyes.

But there was something else.

She insisted on coming for daily treatments. And each treatment - I got another snapshot of this lady. Underneath all the big brown onion skins of her persona - this beautiful being was hiding inside. Life had pushed her so far back that now it was a struggle to live. It was lovely then to see a tiny glimpse in the short time she was with me - of her starting to gain some confidence in herself again. She had travelled considerable distance for her treatments and she was making sure she packed as many in as she could.

I spoke to her on the phone a week after her treatments. She said she was still dry in mouth - but that her 'head' seemed to be in a better place - that she was calmer and could 'see' things more clearly. She was sleeping better too except was still having to get up and get a drink for her dry mouth.

EMMETT Therapist
Brisbane, QLD

Heather Roylance

At a recent training course in Melbourne we were able to witness Ross treat a young girl with Cerebral Palsy.

The parents had hoped that her left leg could be 'freed up' to allow her to have better opportunity to learn to walk as the spasticity in her leg would not allow the ankle to flex & the leg was predominantly straight. Crawling that we witnessed was more like commando crawl (laying on belly & dragging legs).

They also shared that previous treatments had included Botox injections under general anesthetic to psoas, hamstring & lower leg had been an ongoing and recent treatment to try to 'relax' the same areas but without success.

As usual, Ross built rapport which was a surprise to her parents as she "doesn't like people touching her".

The initial agitation & tremors were calmed following spinal balance which allowed the legs to be released. When the knees started to bend, the relaxation of the legs was quite amazing. Release to the lower legs then allowed the flexion of the ankles & further calming to the spasticity and 'standing' could be attempted.

Once the treatment was completed, there was more magic to follow.

As Zara played with her brother/s toy on the floor, she pulled herself up onto her hands & knees, a small uncoordinated crawl and sat up on bent knees.

They all left happier & no doubt surprised, but with hope that future changes will aid Zara in her movement & comfort.

Next morning Ross told us he had received an email from Zara's grandmother thanking him for "giving them their granddaughters smile which was something they had never seen".

I'll look forward to hearing any updates of Zara's progress and will continue to be amazed by how sharing Emmett Therapies to those in need, really can change so many lives.

Thank you Ross.
Tim Donehue
VIC, Australia

Tim Donehue
Zara's story

A good new story about my first 'baby high'....I was asked to visit a 13 month old infant who couldn't stand, walk, sit (without being propped against something) or talk. When you tried to stand him up his feet were bent and flat to the floor. He showed no signs of being mischievous or curious but despite this had quite a happy personality and other functions seemed 'normal'. He'd been going to a physio and a speech pathologist without getting results, Mum said the physio visits were quite distressing both on her and the little one.

I visited, assessed, did a few moves which he was quite happy with and not distressed at all and a few minutes later he was sitting independently, holding his core quite normally and one leg reaching out to draw the blanket in towards himself. Mum was nearly in tears with joy and said she'd never seen him sit up or have any deliberate control over his legs. She'd just delivered her second child yesterday and can't wait to have me back soon to treat him some more. Yey!...

Have a great day.
EMMETT Whole Body Relief
Cairns, QLD

Natalie Newman-Martin

Hi Ross,

I just had to let you know, I've had 2 amazing results today from existing clients.

I got a bear hug from the guy as the change was so profound and the lady started crying as she hadn't felt so pain free for years.

All with minimal moves. 5 for the woman :)

Bless you for your amazing work and patience with getting it through to all of us.

Kindest regards
Deborah Nicholson

Deborah Nicholson

Hi Ross,

Just to let you know that our daughter Talia is making good progress. At this present time she is in rehab preparing to go home in approx two to three weeks. She is makinga very good recovery but has a long way to go, all is positive.

As you are aware we left Townsville and arrived in Bundaberg ICU at about 2am to find Talia fighting for her life. The doctors informed us that there was nothing more that they could do as she was comatose and on a respirator with 100% oxygen. Unable to send her to Brisbane as she would not be able to survive the flight she was too critical.

Because of the tubes and equipment all over her we were unable to perform the rescue move on her. Ont he Tuesday morning we spoke to all the doctors and her nurse about Emmett and got permission from the doctors to perform the rescue move, this was somewhat of a hurdle wit the nurse byt she agreed in the end for Marolyn to go ahead.

Feedback from the doctors was that they looked up your site on the internet and agreed that it would do Talia no harm. Marolyn continued to do the rescue moves on Talia each visit. Unbeknown to us we found out on the Thursday night that Talia had a dramatic improvement to her lungs and breathing on the Tuesday. Even the staff were surprised that had come back on shift of how quickly Talia was improving. After watching monitors we were informed on how to read them and with the rescue moved being completed, each time we were able to see her lung capacity improvedo n the monitor. Marolyn continued to perform the rescue up until the day we left.

During our time at ICU we had many opportunities to speak to the nursing staff about Emmett with many coming back asking questions.

Thank you for showing us this move as we believe that it assisted in Talia's recovery.

Thanks once again for all your help and assistance, look forward to seeing you in July.

Trev & Marolyn
QLD, Australia

Trevor and Marolyn Lacey

Hi Ross,

I have just completed Module 5 in Brisbane with Colleen last weekend and again have experienced your incredible work.

I had cause to use the Jaw/chest move on Tuesday morning on a client and could not believe the results, (nor could she), truly amazing.

I will complete Module 6 and the ECC6 in May with Colleen again in Brisbane.

I will use the Emmett technique on nearly every client I see now and have found that used in conjunction with Chiropractic adjustment the results are impressive.

I would certainly like to continue after the ECC6 with Colleen and know you do an EP1 and EP2 here in Australia which I hope to be invited to attend. I have also noticed that you offer an EP3 and a Beyond the 7As workshop in England and after perusing the course content I am hopeful that you will consider presenting these workshops in Australia at sometime in the near future (it would be so much easier than travelling to England!) and I know after speaking to others in Brisbane that I am not hte only person who has expressed interest in doing the courses.

I cannot express my thanks and gratitude enough to you for the work you have done and allowed practitioners such as myself to experience and use on clients, I am noticing not onlly physical improvements in my clients that come from the Emmett but the emotional improvement and ability to cope in a much better way with their lives as their heart opens.

Truly this is a real gift and thankyou and I hope you will share more of it with us in Australia.

Many thanks and I hope all is well for you.

Jannelle Rethus

Jannelle Rethus

I must give you some feedback from when Ross ‘looked at’ Tara. Caroline and myself had often said that we felt that Tara had an underlying spinal condition, this we have constantly be told is wrong. Tara/s diagnosis was at 2 years of age, Caroline said (from when Tara was about 9 months) that something was wrong and saying to every specialist that it was at the base of the skull, she was more correct than many of the ‘professionals’ we saw in that time.

As you saw we said about Tara’s legs, specifically her hamstrings, Ross disagreed and said the base of her spine. Well it’s 4 days later and the difference is still very marked. To get Tara in and out of our car involves firstly using both hands and considerable force, in the mornings you move careful down the hallway carrying her as the legs are rigid. At night spasm can cause her to wake.

Since Saturday Tara has sat upright, she appears to have better control over arm movements and the legs are not anywhere near as tight as before. The difference is incredible. I cannot stress how amazing this has been.

Many Thanks.

Dave & Caroline Ingerson
Tara’s Dad and Mum
QLD, Australia

Dave & Caroline Ingerson

Dear Ross,

Here is Susanne from Germany again. As I have promised to you, here is feedback.

Three days I needed no medication against pain, then I had to take some drugs again, but less than before. I still don't need the walking stick, and the right Psoas muscle seems still to work very well and I can work in my garden again.

I found a wonderful combination of Emmett points to help myself this week. I tried a cross over technique. Then movement is much more fluid. I can do it by myself, it woks each time and I tested it already in many patients.

Do you know, how wonderful it is to walk, to run, to jump, to sleep in the night without or with less pain and to see still with both eyes? It is not usual or common, and it wouldn't be possible without your help and your technique. As I already told you on Thursday: miracles can happen.

So, that's enough for today. I hope my English is somewhat understandable.

Until next time,
Greetings Susanne

Dr Susanne Schneider

Hi Ross,

I am so excited my Aunty aged 88 has lots of fluid in her legs no one was allowed to touch them as it hurt so much. Years of shoulder pain.

Guess what Emmett has done it again.

Years of problems erased. Yeah for Emmett. To see the tears running down my cousins face with happiness to see her mum getting around was awesome. They head back to Brisbane Friday so I have given them contact details for a practitioner down there.

See you in Mackay for level 4.

Fay Mayes
QLD, Australia

Fay Mayes


I did the short course EMM-Tech training a few weeks ago and I can feel the difference.

I have had an intermittent long standing back/groin discomfort on my left side. Only this time rather than improving it was getting worse. I was frustrated as I was prevented from doing yoga poses as well on my left side as on my right. I could feel the hip bone on occasion as if was grinding in the ball and socket joint. I felt as if it was mis-aligned.

With the EMM-Tech I was skeptical about me feeling any change. However, the results were remarkable and instant and I am so amazed that I am actually better than I was prior to the discomfort setting in.

I went into a Pilates class and there was no discomfort in my hip. I felt light as if floating on air. Later in the week I attended my usual yoga class. Wow, I was able to do a pose on my left side which I use to struggle with prior to EMM-Tech.

I have recommended EMM-Tech to people at the gym and have used it on some to their amazement.

Chris Burford delivered the course at the right pace, it was fun, enjoyable and relaxing.

I encourage anyone who has any injury or discomfort due to bad posture, to leave other therapies out and head for EMM-Tech.


Emma Gilbert

It was great to meet with you in Cardiff. I wanted to share with you the personal joy of taking part in Module 1 & 2.

Some weeks before the course, I had fallen downstairs and landed on my coccyx bruising it badly. My own treatments were relieving some discomfort - but not enough to allow me to sit squarely and comfortably for any length of time. After taking part for two days and practising all the moves I found myself driving away from the hotel and thinking that I should have asked Lesley or Sue to do some work specifically on the sacrum/coccyx area. However - I realised that I was now sitting in a balanced way and even tested the previously bruised area by bouncing up and down on the car seat - No Pain - so gooooooooood! The people alongside me in the traffic jam must have thought I was absolutely nuts!!

Thank you so much for sharing this work with us Ross.


Judith Johnson

Hi Ross,

For some years, Don has episodes in which he loses his life force - I cannot describe it any other way. He loses energy, goes pale and drawn, and feels utterly depleted. No diagnosis has thusfar worked out why. Blood pressure, diet, working with toxins in making surfboards, attitude - my belief is that all these contribute to the condition. But I am not a doctor, so I don't have to know why. And, as you know, he relies utterly on qualified experts for recovery. So I have kept hands-off - and opinion-off - most of the time.

He came back from surfing yesterday like that, slumped on the couch, barely able to speak or keep his eyes open.

I sat on the table facing him, asking him to straighten up a little, and did the Rescue moves. After each of the three I did, he took a breath in and out, each one deeper than before. So I could move better under the ribs after each. I could see colour coming back into his face as I watched. I could also see how much he enjoyed the moves, closing his eyes when I touched the forehead.

I took care to say nothing whatsoever about what I was doing, and left him to his television.

When I came home after work, he was perked up, looking alert and cheerful, but also calm and relaxed. "You fixed me!" he told me. "Whatever you did, it worked! Thank you!"

"That's Emmett!" I said.

Later when I walked past he called out, "Healer!"

"No," I said, "I just helped your body heal itself."

And he left early this morning in a flurry of energy and bounce and smiles. I'm sending this because I know you love feedback, and I experienced this move under your hands.

I just love this stuff!

Have a lovely day!

Geelong, VIC

Cassandra Perry

Hi Ross,

I am a 67year old Grandmother and I just wanted to let you know why I decided to do the short course with Mel and Mandy.

I was diagnosed with arthritis about 8 months ago, in my right hip, two knees and lower spine. I have been shown to have had Sherman's disease in lower spine which gives me pain and stiffness down the right leg.

My lovely daughter gave me some money to have a nice relaxing massage as a Xmas gift. I finally got around to doing this in late March and booked with Mel Harrison who I did not know.

I will never forget that visit and her comments. 'Did you know your pelvis is on an angle? It is a long time since I have seen such a locked up pelvis.' She asked if she could do some remedial massage and Emmett tech. and I said go for it. She did manage to give me a lovely relaxing 10 mins massage at the end of the session.

Coming out I felt good so off to local coffee shop for a drink. Rain started very heavy and when time to get to car 50metres away I knew I would have to run. Halfway to car I thought 'boy you are running.' Prior to this running was not a pretty sight and very slow.

I had been trying to hang and change curtains in four rooms of house and getting up and down onto chair was not comfortable trying to lift right leg.

I came home and went on and off the chair like a teenager.

I walk for 30mins each morning but a slower pace only. Next morning I could walk quickly - I was amazed.

The pain was also gone from my legs but did return after a few days.

I decided to book in to see Mel 3 weeks later. She worked very hard in our half hour session and when I had turned onto my back she did some Emmett moves and said "Look at your right foot when you first turned over it was turned out, now it has straightened."

I have walked with my right foot at 45degree angle all my life, my half sister also does the same and we were told it is hereditary. About age five or six parents sent me to have built up supports in shoes to try and correct this. Did not work.

Mel corrected this for me in this second massage - I am so impressed. I have now been walking straight for over a month.

I am so impressed with your wonderful Emmett technique that I decided to do the short course and told many people about what wonderful changes I have had with the moves.

The course I really enjoyed. Both instructors were most helpful. very happy and willing to help and guide us. It was well presented and explained with good breaks and going out for fresh air breaks worked well, I myself felt a bit overwhelmed by it all as I could not pick some of the moves up as well as the others but this is just an age thing. I had some pain running down outside of right leg and making knee sore last night so I did the ITB release and it worked like magic - pain gone. Unfortunately it came back next morning.

I hope to use the course for my husband who suffers from sciatica and shoulder pain especially after doing hard work. I know my family will also appreciate mum trying to learn her techniques on their aches and pains.

I am so grateful to Mel for her lovely caring nature and giving me such wonderful relief from this condition. I had been walking with a limp for six months or more and that has gone.

Many thanks to you, Mel and Mandy.

EMM-Tech Short Course


I have been a long-time advocate of the Bowen Therapy Technique.

Recently I have become a client of Colleen Kelly’s and a recipient of the EMMETT Technique.

The specific treatments I have had from Colleen include:
* Lymphatic Drainage
* Pain relief for arthritis in the knees, headaches and backache
* Correction of balance

Personally I can attest that the EMMETT Technique has been very beneficial to my health and wellbeing.

Colleen Carmody
Paddington, QLD

Colleen Carmody


I just wanted to let you know I had the opportunity to employ the calf movements as taught in level 1/2 on a 74 year old gentleman. Within minutes he was exclaiming he had gained freedom in his ankles and feet he had not felt for years. The reduction in the fluid was also quite dramatic. Whilst I appreciate this is probably ol hat for you it was quite amazing for both myself and the recipient. Again, many thanks for the knowledge imparted at the Sunshine Coast workshop.

Robert Munro

Robert Munro

Hi Ross

Thank you for a most enjoyable day to say the least.

I have to tell you that I am walking differently and as you saw Susanne did some work on correcting my feet, but I have to ask, with all the other stuff that we did can it really have made this much difference.

I woke up Monday in the most beautiful state that I have not experienced for some time, as I bent over to get dressed I waited for the usual moan as I put on my pants. It did not happen, I am sure this is a result of the work carried out on me.

Also a general all over feeling of (wait for it !!!!!!! being BALANCED). I am so looking forward to doing the rest of this course, as I feel that a great deal of the jig saw puzzle have started falling into place, further I have started treatment on Carolyn as well, and I am having some success there also.

Rick Cuthbert
The Pain Relief Clinic
NSW, Australia

Rick Cuthbert

Dear Ross,

My wife Jenni and I were part of a group trekking the Kokoda Track in May this year. We were half way along and were staing over night in the village of Menari when we met another trekker who was in obvious distress. He was having a reaction to his malarial medication and was waiting to be air evacuated the next morning.

His symptoms were spasms in the neck which made breathing difficult and a tight chest and he was hyperventilating. He was also very distressed.

Jenni and I made him comfortable, provided reassurance and tried to keep him calm. The thing we found that worked best was the diaphragm release. When this was applied he gained instant relaxation of the diaphragm and his breathing improved dramatically.

We had to apply this technique a number of times as he continued to suffer muscle spasms in the neck thus causing him more distress. After about an hour and a half he felt confident to lie down and rest. He flew out early next morning.

The technique was taught on your EMM-Tech course we did in February this year. It was also great to be able to release tired legs and thighs at the end of long days of walking up and down big hills.

I just wanted to let you know we were very impressed with how effective your techniques were.

Chris and Jenni Lee
Mt Isa, Australia

Chris and Jenni Lee

I first met Ross at a conference in St. Kilda in September 2003.

When Ross came to Geelong to watch me work, he was able to explain what I was doing and pick up the subtleties of what I did in things that even I was unaware of. I could myself very privileged that in my lifetime I have had exposure to two very gifted healers - Tom Bowen was one, and Ross Emmett is the other.

I add the comment that your work has greater potential in the art of healing that just being linked to 'Bowen work'.

Many other modalities such as OT's, physios, osteopaths and chiropractors can and have benefited from your understanding, explanations and techniques...Every treatment I now do combines part of your work and benefits from a better understanding of what I do and why I do it.

Even after practicing for 27 years following Tom Bowen's work I'm now again excited by all the learning that there is still to do.

Romney Smeeton DC
(Student of the late Tom Bowen)
Geelong, Vic

Romney Smeeton


PO Box 564 Castletown
Townsville QLD 4812

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