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Growing Muscles While Relearning this Technique.

Many years ago I had the privilege of meeting Ross Emmett in Townsville. Where I had a few treatments with him . The effects these treatments had on me were unbelievable.

I was Instantly wowed with this technique. I can't quite remember how it came about , but I attended a course in Perth , probably about 12 years ago . I had no prior experience in Massage or anything at all. I didn't even know the names of the muscles. Ross just drew me a mud map . Which was just as good for me.

 I practised a few of these moves a few times. I was going to put it into practice but the timing wasn't right. My ex-partner and I moved to Middleton Hotel . Population 5. And ran that .  While operating in Opal Mines and Running Cattle. There was no time for this. So it just got put in the didn't have time for basket.

On the 30th May 2015. I was involved in a car accident where I was ejected from the car. Ross Emmett actually paid me a visit while I was in the Spinal Unit, and he treated me. I remember very clearly that he said that I had a blockage ( don't hold me to these exact words ) . While I was in the Spinal Unit Ross asked Greg wills and Colleen Kelly to come in and treat me and other patients .

This was near the end of my six months in the Spinal Unit. I remember the Spinal Unit telling them that they were not to give false hope. Upon being discharged from the Spinal Unit I was classed as a Complete T10 Fracture. Asia A . I took it dealt with it.

Then just before the end of last year. A beautiful friend of mine kept mentioning Making Strides which is a spinal recovery program on the Gold Coast . It has been open for 3 years. So prior to coming I was barely able to transfer into a low car. I'm not sure how long I was here for when I spoke to Ross Emmett on the phone and he said he was going to be in Brisbane.

I visited him and Greg during the course. Where Ross pointed out a lot of things . I have always believed Ross's wise words. So I began trying to do these moves on myself. Ross planted the seed in my brain. What was going on.

So as timing was right I redone the course . At the same time I had began to sweat below my level of injury . Getting Feeling back internally, first the muscles and then more. But as I have not felt my muscles for nearly a year and a half . I was like a baby learning to use these muscles along with the treatment of Neuroplasticity which is what undergo at Making Strides on the Gold Coast.

My results were so great i have permanent movement down here . And using the Emmett  muscle release moves. I know that they work because I can feel them working. It helps me in my recovery and maybe it was meant to be I forgot and re learnt as the timing was perfect as my muscles were growing back.

I can actually tell you what some of the moves done for me. Especially some as I have learnt to go to the toilet naturally , can move my legs and tell you exactly what benefits I received from doing the moves. I could actually tell when they worked. 

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My website has some lovely written and video testimonials that highlight the amazing effectiveness of this therapy. Visit my site to watch and read if you are unsure about receiving a treatment.


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6 years and 3000kms to EMMETT Practitioner in Training – Mod 1&2




G'day there my new colleagues and growing legion of Emmett practitioners. I'm Vanessa Parker, coffee lover, outdoor adventurer and positive thinker.

My path to Emmett

The seed was planted 6 years ago when I received an Emmett release for my quadriceps from my Aunty. I had some DOMS from leg day at the gym. I must have looked pretty bad as in the middle of a family function my aunt had me lie down on the floor telling me she'd help the pain. I didn't know what Emmet was nor how it worked, but by crikey  did it work!

Giving up the day job for passion and happiness

I qualified with a Diploma of Remedial Massage in 2014 and 2 years later resigned from my adminstration job in the Australian Federal Government Department where I'd work for 10 years.

Warrnambool Massage Therapy became my full time job rather than something small on the side. I was focussed, determined and really happy expanding my client base and promoting my business.

Injury in the shadows

I soon realised that an old boxing injury to my hand was flaring up too much. I couldnt' keep working the way I had been. Trigger Point therapy was particularly taxing on my hand. I needed to change something right away or I wouldn't be in the business for very long.

I had planned to attend an Emmett course in the coming 5 months, in Melbourne (3 hours drive from me). I knew it was my answer to working smarter rather than harder.

Time for action and the action's in Perth

I couldn't wait 5 months, I needed to bring my plans forward...way forward! The next Module 1 and 2 was running that weekend in Perth. 3000kms away on the other side of the country.

With some child minding arranged, I booked myself into the course and kept my fingers crossed I could get flights that weren't too expensive. I could borrow a relative's car and couch for the 3 nights I was in Perth. Was it worth the red-eye flights and travelling over 3000 kilometers to the other side of Australia for the Emmett Mod1 and 2? My oath it was!

The trainer, Tim Donehue, was just an amazing person to facilitate the training. A true chameleon, able to tailor his delivery of the course material in a way that met with each individual student's needs. That alone was impressive to witness, but then it also turns out he's a nice bloke with a fantastic sense of hunour too!

Stop! Emmett Time!

Returning to work with a new bag of tricks and tools in my kit has been such a blessing to my own wellbeing. I have been able to provide some pretty wonderful results for clients and family that I practice on.

2017...Bring on Module 3 (and the rest) as it's the year of Me, Vanessa Parker, Remedial Massage Therapist, Emmett Practitioner in Training.

"There's no I in TEAM but there's ME in EMMETT" Vanessa Parker



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