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Ross Emmett - A World of Thanks


To all the EMMETT Supporters Worldwide: I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who I have met on my recent 14 week world tour. I have arrived back home with so many wonderful memories to look back on. Being home for three weeks has given me a jolt back into the reality of working, as all that I have previously done has felt so much like a holiday - and I would like to thank...

EMMETT International Conference - 2018

EMMETT Students & Therapists will gather from worldwide!

Conference date is 13th - 16th April 2018... however there will be courses on offer starting from 7th April. You can register your interest to receive further information as the conference is planned, by sending an email to Head Office:

The Therapy of Stories by Ross Emmett

Ross's New Book

Stories take us on a journey, spark imagination and bring forth a wide range of emotions from joy to sadness and sometimes everything in between. Gifted storytellers inspire, entertain, share information and deliver a message while holding their audience in the palm of their hands. In the Therapy of Stories Ross Emmett shares over 20 of his most thought provoking stories he has used in his 35...

EMMETT...reducing the symptoms of Clubfoot

Just a little Emmett can create a lovely change

My son was diagnosed at cairns base 18 weeks into my pregnancy, with bilateral club foot. We moved to vic late in my pregnancy to get him the best care. He was casted for 4 weeks at 6 months old. Luckily for us the clubfoot was a mild case. The casting seems to have corrected his clubfoot but he is left with metatarsus adductus- more severe in the right foot than his left. We moved back to...

EMMETT Technique International Conference 2018.

EMMETT Technique International Conference 2018.

We would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who attended the EMMETT Technique International Conference 2018. The weekend was an amazing learning experience but most of all touching. Not only did we have Students, Practitioners, Instructor and Tutors but it was also a pleasure to have Ross’s family and close friends attend. Many of who attended were very thankful for this as they got to...



Ross is nearly at the end of another successful trip to the UK and Europe. His most recent talk was held in Ljubljana, which is the capital and largest city of Slovenia.  Over 100 people attended his talk where he was able to demonstrate the benefits of the EMMETT Technique and show people how quick and easy it is to get fantastic results.

Emmett Technique Overseas - Ross's Travels

Bringing together EMMETT Therapists from around the world

Ross has spent the last 6 weeks sharing the Emmett Technique abroad with Emmett Professional Practitioner trainings held in Ireland, the UK, Netherlands, Switzerland and Austria. There have also been talks to groups of physiotherapists and demonstrations alongside Emmett 4 Animals instructors. Following the recent Emmett Technique International Conference in Austria, Ross shared a day trip...

The 'newness' of Emmett

I stopped myself telling someone last week about the 'new' technique I was using to help people with pain and restricted movement. I realised that I have been saying this for the last nine years! Why am I still using the word 'new' to describe what I offer? I believe the answer is in the way we are encouraged during training to be the chameleon and provide treatment for the problems each client...

Emmett short course

Instantaneous results!

"Having had Emmett treatment with Judith Johnson over the last year I was amazed with the instantaneous results & knew I had to learn this to use with my massage clients.  I attended a 2 day course for 4 hours each day. It was very helpful to come back the 2nd day as it gave me time to process what I learnt & ask more questions.  The course was very informative &...


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