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Journey of an Emmett Therapist

Opportunities? Sometimes you just have to follow your gut feeling and take the opportunity there in front of you, not knowing where it will lead. Crossroads can be confusing. The direction that may be good for some, but not for others, I guess that's why we have that gut feeling. That's how I felt when I first experienced the Emmett phenomenon in May 2009, what was this therapy and how can it...

Chrismas Surprise

I'm a Naturopath and have been working for 8 years in my own clinic. My clinical focus before I learnt Emmett Therapy in 2008 was : Acupuncture, Neural therapy (injections with local anaesteticum into special nerval/ or points of pain), Massage and other Therapies to stop pain or disharmony . I first experienced the Emmett Technique during an EmmTech-Course in Feb. 2008 and from this time I...

The year in focus

Welcome to the festive season edition of EMM-Chat.

What a great year for the growth of EMMETT Therapies. I feel like a head gardener who has prepared the plot, fertilized the ground, planted the seeds and with the assistance of other gardeners (very good therapists), I have watched the amazing growth of each separate plot, EMMETT, EMM-Tech and TBT. The New Year will see the fruits of their labour and the opportunity to watch the therapies in...

Strong Hold in the UK

Update from the UK

Emmett Technique hits Ireland! Last week, Sue Gassick and Debbie Kinley travelled to Ireland to put on the first ever Practitioner training in Ireland. The course was held in a small town called Kinnegad, which is in central Ireland - that is, equally inaccessible for just about everyone! We had twelve students, almost all of whom had already taken an Emm-Tech course, and the feedback was...

Congratulation in order


Ross and Karen, all the staff and everyone from Emmett Therapies would like to pass on their heart felt "Congratulations" to our UK Co-ordinator Debbie Kinley and Emmett Therapist Colin Buck who were married on 30th November 2010. Life begins at 50! Debbie and Colin joined the ranks of other prominent Chameleons who have all united this year:- Kath and Steve Rochford (who met during their...

Busy in Europe

We have been so busy in Europe!

The reason is certainly the many courses in Germany, Austria and Switzerland that I have been conducting. It is very rewarding to see the motivation in the students, when a move demonstrated shows a dramatic change to the previous state. In early September, the chamber of commerce in Austria organised a 3 day Expo, where all registered energetic therapies could display their techniques. Riki...

Volunteers in Mongolia

Emmett Technique to be used by volunteers in Mongolia

Greg Wills, Occupational Therapist and Emmett Practitioner from Darwin in Northern Australia, is about to travel to Mongolia for 5 weeks to work with children and families in Choibalsan, east of the capital Ulaanbaatar. Greg has been invited to volunteer his services to the Association of Parents of Disabled children through a friend working in the Education Department of Mongolia. Most...

Ross Emmet New Location

We have moved the Administration Office and Ross's Clinic into a new location in Townsville which provides us with greater working area and office space. This is our latest secret weapon to meet the 'on time' performance delivery and growing demands of the technique. Office Manager (and all-round Wonder Woman) Jaime Doyle now has a bit more room to 'swing a cat'. With an increase in clinic...

Emm-Tech in the west

Taking Emm-Tech to the West

This month we waved-off Emmett Instructors and high powered local Emmett Celebrities Karen Mackenzie, Debbie Keighran and Gail Illingsworth as they commenced their trek into the Australian Outback to share Ross's vision of taking Emm-Tech to the bush. With just under two weeks on the road and visiting centre's including Julia Creek, Mt Isa, Cloncurry and Hughenden, the girls are looking...

Update from Rick Cuthbert

Update from Rick Cuthbert, Instructor, Australia

For Module 5 & 6 in February in Sydney a huge diversity of therapists attended, we had Alex Buxton from Mt Eliza (Vic) Paula Hall from Bright (Nth Victoria) Anna Carolan and Christine Bird from the Southern highlands NSW, Craig Harrison (Emmtech Coordinator from Wingham (near Taree in NSW) Neil Fox (Kiama NSW) and Rod Pearson from Gundagai (Mid NSW) as well as other therapists from in and...


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