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Busy in Europe

We have been so busy in Europe!

The reason is certainly the many courses in Germany, Austria and Switzerland that I have been conducting. It is very rewarding to see the motivation in the students, when a move demonstrated shows a dramatic change to the previous state.

In early September, the chamber of commerce in Austria organised a 3 day Expo, where all registered energetic therapies could display their techniques.

Riki Maierl and Heribert Frisch have put an enormous effort into setting up two beautiful Emmett stands. They prepared new brochures, posters, roll ups and a display wall for the stand. Therapists were invited to work on visitors and give out information. All blue T-Shirts or shirts stood out, as we displayed a corporate identity. Helmut Petz and myself performed twice a day on stage to present .'COULD WHAT YOU ARE WEARING BE WEARING YOU OUT ?' this was fun and left the spectators asking for more! During this expo we made an impact and still raise a lot of interest for the therapy. Thank you Riki and Herbie, and Helmut!

Coordinating a course takes up a lot of time. I am very grateful to Debbie Kinley, who is always making sure that all manuals, charts, bills and other tools are prepared. She makes the impossible possible, like printing out a boarding pass for me, so that I will catch my plane in Birmingham on time. I am also very grateful to work together as teachers with Astrid Haase from Germany, and Sue Gassick in England. We coordinate the courses, so that the students get to see different teachers, and of course Ross, when he returns to Europe. Skype chats with Ross are so valuable for the progress in making an impact with the Emmett therapy. In Europe, this is certainly the case!

As you may notice, ..and Ross did, English is a bit rusty!! That is why I am so much looking forward to freshen up my accent for a few weeks in the Australian summer!

I wish you all a wonderful holiday time and for those of you in Perth, I would love to hear from you!

Warm Regards,


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