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Do I need Emm-Tech

Do I need Emm-Tech

Emm-Tech viewed by a Practitioner

We are often asked if we will run review days for practitioners to improve their accuracy and skills. I believe that the article below will allow therapists the opportunity to see where the value lies in refreshing their extremity skills by attending an Emm-Tech course with a qualified Emm-Tech tutorer. The article below has been contributed by Francine Pullman, a qualified therapist in many modalities and Emmett Practitioner. I thank her for this insight. 

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Do I Need Emm-Tech? By Francine Pullman

Emm-Tech is a concise system of simple muscle release techniques that anyone can master in just a few hours. But even more exciting is the fact that it is a brilliant refresher course for practitioners who have already begun training in the Emmet Technique.

As an already qualified Emmet Practitioner, I found Emm-Tech was a great revision course and helped me to fine tune my existing skills.

The fact that it is taught as a stand-alone pain treatment plan for anyone was great as it meant no getting bogged down in detail. I was free to practice, share and learn and in fact it provided me with a great opportunity to observe how easy and beneficial it is for mums and dads, coaches and carers to learn too.

It gave me a great overview of the most useful and simple components of the practitioners longer course, a reminder that most of us really need from time to time.

The day I went through this brilliant little short course, the group consisted of:

  • a journalist,
  • a charter boat skipper,
  • a kinesiologist,
  • a stay-at-home mum,
  • a disability career,
  • an office worker,
  • a nurse,
  • a personal trainer and
  • a kid's football team coach.

article Francine Pullman01Although not all of the modules are covered in so short a time, there is enough time to cover the 12 basic sequences you should all know and use regularly and therefore is hugely beneficial to qualified therapists and their clients.

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