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Free from years of pain

Free from years of pain

I haven't been able to turn like that since I was 11, That's amazing!

A quote I heard today from a client that comes to the clinic for maintenance treatments every month. When she first came, her lower back was so painful that standing up and sitting down on a chair or bed was excruciating and she was so scared to move without being careful.

" I'm so excited Amanda. I am thinking of all the things I can do now that I was too scared to do before I started coming to get Emmett treatments. I just wish that I knew about this therapy before, and to think of all the years of pain, years of debilitating pain Amanda that I've had to endure before I came here, and I have Ross Emmett to thank for his amazing Technique".
This lovely lady can now enjoy her days without the pain that was keeping her from living a full life. She has so many exciting adventures ahead, and she's 70 years young! Go Girl!!

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