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From the instructors perspective

From the instructors perspective

Emm-Tech viewed from the Instructor's perspective

Regi Scherrer sent this insight from her experience on a recently run Emm-Tech course held in Switzerland:-I taught an Emmtech course yesterday, where the 9 participants (all therapists) were amazed by the simplicity, speed and response. With the demo of the diaphragm release, I had a strong I needed the rescue moves.

The change in her face, posture and general attitude was observed by everyone. It was such a great way to see the immediate effect. Another participant, with knee joint replacement could squat with so much more ease after ITB/Sartorius... A participant with whiplash, could for the first time in years turn her head to look over her shoulder.

What a great way to introduce the technique... more than half have enrolled to the Emmett course next year.


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