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New Moves

New Moves

New Moves for Professionals

I would like to inform all fully qualified Emmett therapists of the new Training program to be called Emmett Practitioner Level 1 (EP Level 1) which will progress up by level numbers. While I am still in clinical practice the Technique will continually grow.

One of the greatest journeys of this therapy is that I am still in clinical practice and continue to evolve as a therapist. Over the years I have used some moves sparingly as the case arose. This did not give me the chance to test the outcomes for consistency. With the increase of referrals from practitioners and medical doctors, I have been given the opportunity to work with more unusual cases providing the necessary numbers to support my previous findings leading to the development of new moves.

2009 dec article new moves 01I have been able to put the results in a teachable format and have called them Emmett Practitioner Days. Each day requires the finesse and understanding of the later Emmett Technique modules and will progressively increment from level 1 upwards as new training days become available.

Prior to teaching these new moves I have shared them with several therapists close to me for use in their clinical practices. When the results became consistent they were written up for all to share.

These include:

  1. a 30 second spinal balance that causes profound shifts through the whole body,
  2. a release sequence for the oesophagus for reflux and epigastric pain,
  3. combinations for deep-seated hip pain, abdominal distortion and body twists.
  4. what we really can read in a client's handshake,
  5. how to relieve the last pain lingering in the side of a shoulder.

Each new level will rely strongly on the principles of the Emmett technique as taught in Module 1 with reliance on the command keys from all Modules. The Emmett Practitioner days provide more client awareness, even quicker assessment and more dramatic outcomes.

I look forward to sharing these special days with those who wish to continue the journey with me.

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