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Our first EMM Chat Newsletter

First off, I would like to thank the many people who helped bring this newsletter to fruition. It has taken many dedicated therapists time to bring this newsletter into focus.

I would like to thank two very special people for putting this together. One is our Promotions Officer, Lynda Mullamphy, who has worked well beyond our expectations. Without her dedication there would be no newsletter. An introduction to Lynda will follow in further issues.

The other person is our Head Office Manager, Sasha Ahnon, who with ''her assistant Mairi Baxter, has put in tremendous time and persistence

in ensuring that the technique has a professionalism
that is now being seen worldwide. Again an introduction to the office will follow in our next issues.

I never envisaged that the sharing of this method of treating would have grown to the position of respect it is now being given.

There are many who have encouraged me since the first beginnings. Over time I do hope I get the opportunity to acknowledge all those who have encouraged and pushed me to where we are today. Those who come to mind, apart from those already mentioned, are my partner Karen MacKenzie, my good friend Dr John Hack, and two of the original persuaders Nikola Wilkie and Beth Towner.

I will endeavour to make everyone aware of many others who have supported and assisted me in bringing this method forward so you all may benefit.

I would like to encourage all to share experiences you may have had. You are also encouraged to come forward with information or ideas to help with the delivery of the teachings so we may raise awareness in the general public and within therapists such as yourselves.

Congratulations to you all for your persistence and usage of the technique. Hope to see you all in the near future. You have all been my teachers- thank you.

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