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Paralysed face now moving!

Paralysed face now moving!

25 year old ecstatic

A lovely girl of 25 came to visit me by word of mouth via a friend in Bundaberg.

Madeleine has had trouble with a benign tumour in her jaw bone, which was removed and then returned with a vengeance. This time the Dr decided the complete right jaw bone was to be removed, and replaced with Madeleine's fibula from her left leg with skin grafts from her to used to 'patch up' her face. The right side of her face was totally paralysed.

Madeleine had been to see other types of therapists, with no great results achieved.

When she arrived for the treatment, I saw that the right side of her face was like a 'mask' - an unmoving mask - so different to her left side.

Immediately after her treatment I noticed her right eye resembled her left eye now - and she was ecstatic to see the same!!!

Here's the text I received the next day:

'Hey Heather, This is Madeleine. I had my first appointment with you yesterday. Just wanted to let you know within 2 hours of me leaving I started noticing even more things work. Part of my eyebrow that hasn't moved in 2 years is now slightly moving!! When I ate I could feel muscles moving a lot more. And when I laughed my neck muscles tensed up for the first time also!! I seriously cannot thank you enough'.

More magic eh?

Best regards,
Heather Roylance, MRAoA MIICT, Emmett Therapist, QLD Australia

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