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Post Surgery Recovery

Post Surgery Recovery

Leg swelling significantly reduced

So today I want to talk about post-surgery recovery using the Emmett technique. Recently I mentioned that a client of mine sustained a fracture to her hip and that we had managed to reduce her muscle spasms following the surgery using a few quick muscle releases.

Once she got home and started using the leg a lot more she experienced quite a bit of swelling to her lower leg and upper thigh. I performed a few quick moves on her to start releasing some of the tight muscles in her legs and calves.

As you can see from the photos her left leg was quite swollen prior to the session. 15 minutes after the session and you could already see that the swelling was going down. It was fantastic to watch.

I saw my client again 7 days after that session and have a look at the photo!! She had been told by the medical staff that this swelling may take months to disappear but in my opinion that may not be the case :) She still has some swelling in her ankle and foot but with a few more sessions I'm hoping that we can get rid of the remaining swelling in no time. :)

Our bodies are truly amazing!!!

Sandra Junckerstorff

Gidgegannup, Western Australia

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