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13 year old dog regains vigour & vitality

13 year old dog regains vigour & vitality

Our Harvey Bean walks easier

We consulted Sandra for our elderly Griffon dog Harvey Bean, who had recently suffered from a suspected stroke.  His gait was stiff and uneven and he regularly lost his balance and would fall over frequently.  The slightest thing would unbalance him.  I only wish we had have taken a video of him walking prior to his first visit with Sandra because without seeing the difference, it’s hard to explain how dramatic the improvement in movement was for him after just the first session!  He even began to run again, which previously he couldn’t do without ending up on the ground, legs collapsed under him.

Harvey thoroughly enjoys visiting Sandra – he waddles up to her with a big smile on his face and turns his bottom end to her as if to say, “I’m ready for my treatment now”.  Sandra is a natural with dogs – she talks dog, and they show her through their movements what areas need help, and help them she certainly does.

Harvey is now a regular client of Sandra’s and we attribute her gentle but effective treatments with helping to bring back his vigour and vitality.  He has recently celebrated his 13th birthday and to be honest, we weren’t sure we were going to see that day prior to him receiving Emmett Therapy with Sandra. 

Could not recommend more highly!

Kelly Pilgrim Byrne,
Freelance Photographer
Perth, Western Australia

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