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Relieving the symptoms of Cerebral Palsy

Relieving the symptoms of Cerebral Palsy

Zara's life made easier

 At a recent training course in Melbourne we were able to witness Ross treat a young girl called Zara with Cerebral Palsy.

The parents had hoped that her left leg could be 'freed up' to allow her to have better opportunity to learn to walk as the spasticity in her leg would not allow the ankle to flex & the leg was predominantly straight. Crawling that we witnessed was more like commando crawl (laying on belly & dragging legs). They also shared that previous treatments had included Botox injections under general anesthetic to psoas, hamstring & lower leg had been an ongoing and recent treatment to try to 'relax' the same areas but without success.

As usual, Ross built rapport which was a surprise to her parents as she "doesn't like people touching her". The initial agitation & tremors were calmed following spinal balance which allowed the legs to be released. When the knees started to bend, the relaxation of the legs was quite amazing. Release to the lower legs then allowed the flexion of the ankles & further calming to the spasticity and 'standing' could be attempted. Once the treatment was completed, there was more magic to follow. As Zara played with her brother/s toy on the floor, she pulled herself up onto her hands & knees, a small uncoordinated crawl and sat up on bent knees. They all left happier & no doubt surprised, but with hope that future changes will aid Zara in her movement & comfort.

Next morning Ross told us he had received an email from Zara's grandmother thanking him for "giving them their granddaughters smile which was something they had never seen". I'll look forward to hearing any updates of Zara's progress and will continue to be amazed by how sharing Emmett Therapies to those in need, really can change so many lives.

Thank you Ross.

Tim Donehue VIC, Australia


A letter received a week later from the delighted parents......

Dear Ross, Thank you so much for seeing my husband and I with our daughter Zara last weekend in Preston.

I have taken some notes post the treatment for your perusal.

Changes noticed:
Left side (which has always been her weaker side) is definitely more relaxed - interestingly the right side (usually stronger) is now weaker.

Day 1 post Emmett:
* Zara is happy to stand
* there is less distonic movements
* noticeable how much more she wants to crawl and move around the house
* there is a nice and loose feeling when I'm holding/carrying her and her legs are wrapped around my side

Day 2 post Emmett:
* left calf and food went into her AFO with no trouble whatsoever
* School reported she was not her happy self, rather lethergic and off her food
* Zara woke very happy & came home happy and had a healthy appetite

Day 4 post Emmett:
* Sitting up very well
* flat feet
* left leg getting under torso very well

These are my feedback notes as to what I've observed. I would love to chat more.

Many thanks.

Adam & Alicia Hughes
VIC, Australia

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