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Ross Emmet New Location

We have moved the Administration Office and Ross's Clinic into a new location in Townsville which provides us with greater working area and office space.

This is our latest secret weapon to meet the 'on time' performance delivery and growing demands of the technique. Office Manager (and all-round Wonder Woman) Jaime Doyle now has a bit more room to 'swing a cat'. With an increase in clinic rooms there is plenty of opportunity for Ross and Lynda Mullamphy (who has been working with Ross for the past year) to cater to client demands whilst Ross is also attending to the demands of teaching and managing the International roll-out of the Technique.

At last count the Emmett Technique is being delivered in 9 countries with immediate plans to incorporate another 4. The move to the new location has gone well and we have started looking for 'new and exciting' items to fill the additional floor and wall space we now have.

Ross has brought in his collection of Chameleons (and Gecko's) to share in the foyer display cabinet and has been working on a 'Sea Side' theme as the beach is literally a hop skip and jump away.

For those looking for our new clinic we are located at :

Bayside Plaza,
34 Primrose Street,
Belgian Gardens Qld 4810
the telephone number stays the same. (07) 47258458. or internationally + 61 7 47258458.

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