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Teaching is a fantastic reminder

Teaching is a fantastic reminder

Christmas message from Tim Donehue

Tim Donehue - Emmett Therapies Instructor, (SA TAS WA) Australia

Well, what a year!

I was privileged to meet and help so many new people and students across Australia and from abroad. I must also say that teaching is a fantastic reminder as to why I started a career in this field. To see the passion ignite in students' eyes when things 'click' or they learn a release that will help a client is all I need to strive to teach and share more.

In Adelaide, we are starting to see some great enthusiasm starting to rekindle with student numbers increasing and practitioners gaining or refining skills. Tasmania has been great this year also, cold at times but always beautiful. The combined AAMT/BTFA conference in Hobart gave us an opportunity to show what Emmett has to offer.

As Regi has been teaching to full houses in Europe, I have stepped in to support W.A. and have also started to see some great results and support in Perth. In all locations, please make the most of opportunities provided and understand the work that the coordinators do just to get an Instructor 'in town'. I will be looking forward to being busy with some frequent dates/courses on offer this coming year.

My approach to teaching has been based on getting the message across with fun and enthusiasm for this modality that is so simple in application yet powerful in results. Mistakes have been made and hopefully corrected and 'most' of the questions get answered to the best of my ability on the day and I am sure people walk out with some of the joy I see in what Ross has developed and is openly sharing with us all.

Thank you to those who have attended, I have tried to make it as enjoyable and 'pain free' an experience as I could. I also encourage students to travel, enjoy a working holiday and learn from other instructors as we all have something to offer from different perspectives.

With Ross's time being more in demand around the world than ever, reading his thoughts on EmmChat has been a good way to keep up with things that are happening.

Thanks for the support, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all, and I hope to see many of you at courses in the coming and exciting year of 2010.

Tim Donehue

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