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Complaints Policy & Procedure


The Emmett Technique International Headquarters (HQ) is committed to delivering high standards of service and training. This Complaints Policy and procedure is designed to ensure complaints are treated seriously and are addressed in a timely, fair and confidential manner. Feedback whether positive or negative is always welcome and will be used to implement improvements. This policy applies to complaints regarding HQ administrative matters, training courses, instructors, tutors and practitioners.


Any person may make a complaint regarding an administrative matter, training course, instructor, tutor or practitioner. Where possible it is encouraged that complaints are submitted in writing to the International Headquarters. All complaints will be assessed and investigated. In all but exceptional circumstances complainants will be provided with a response within 30 days.

The Company Director/and or Board of Management will review the complaint and refer with relevant parties if necessary.


  • The complaint should be submitted in writing to:
  • The complainant receives acknowledgement of the complaint in writing within 7 days
  • The complaint is to be treated fairly and confidentially by the Complaints Handling Officer on duty at HQ
  • The investigation and assessment of the complaint will be objective and impartial
  • The assessment and investigation will be aimed at resolving factual issues
  • Options for complaint resolution to be made
  • Options for future improvement to be determined
  • A timely, clear and informative response to be issued to the complainant within 30 days in all but exceptional circumstances
  • If the complainant is not satisfied with the response a review by the Board of Management will be offered

Reference: ‘Better Practice Guide to Complaint Handling’, Commonwealth Ombudsman,