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Emmett for Animals

Happy Dogs in Darwin

Astrid Haase

One of our Emmett 4 Dogs instructors recently traveled to Darwin to share this exciting course with this fabulous group of students. "This enthusiastic group worked over 2 days on dogs in all sizes and obviously our four-legged friends enjoyed their treatments."  "Beautiful results were visible, it was a pleasure to work with the group and the dogs."

My gratitude to Ross & Tony is a tad huge

Chris Price, UK

"I recently reviewed EMMETT For Dogs with Tony. (Very amazing man!!). Its a course that leaves you smiling inside, and gives you such an insight to the graciousness of dogs. Tony's passion is infectious, as is his laugh. The time and suppot he gives is constant, then to top that with his unique teaching skills, can it get any better??!! It does, because what you begin to notice is a...

EMMETT 4 Dogs (and Wombats)

For all creatures, Great and Small....

EMMETT 4 Dogs student, Toni De Roos, is a regular volunteer at Wombat World in New South Wales. She has currently completed up to Level 2 and using moves from these levels was able to help a wombat joey feel a lot better. Well done Toni !!!

Amazing outcome for one very lucky pup...

and they say only cats have 9 lives....Great outcome for Benoir the Greyhound

We received this wonderful update by Sarah, the grateful owner of 'Benoir, an elderly Greyhound dog...amazing story with GREAT results using the EMMETT Technique - well done Sandra Junckerstorff in Perth, Western Australia.   "Just a quick message to say thank Sandra for seeing Benoir, my beautiful Greyhound gentleman who was tragically run over by our bobcat. Benoir had a lucky escape...


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